A Local Guy for all the Little Things...


Call or Text 401-487-6177

Retired 57 year old professional man in Cranston, RI who is dependable and keeps busy by doing odd jobs for folks who are either too busy, or can't do what they used to.

I will do any job that can be done by one person in one day. If it takes more than one person, or it takes more than one day, or it requires a ladder over 15 feet tall, then it's a job for someone else. My hourly rates are reasonable. I charge portal to portal. And I get paid by cash or credit card at the end of the day. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Light Carpentry, Painting, Power-washing, Light bulbs, Electric Switches, Clean out the Garage, Check the Furnace, Change the Air Conditioners, Fix the Screens, etc; (you get the picture).

I'm Licensed, Certified, Insured, and have owned rental property for years.

Reply to this post with:

1) A description of the job you need done.

2) What town you are in.

3) How soon you need it done.

4) How best to contact you.

Thanx, and have a great day...

NOTE: To Scammers and Internet Employers - Don't bother, I've seen it all...